Monday, May 17, 2010

Buying D-SLR Camera Guide From Newbie To Newbie!!

Nowdays has become a common gadget among consumers..

Many cameras' manufacture has provide entry-level DSLR with a reasonable prices such as Nikon D3000, Canon 450D, Sony a200 and many more for use of the DSLR lovers..

Buying a good DSLR camera is an important aspect because this little thing worth thousands and sometime we can get a motobike instead of camera with the price..

Hereby, i am giving my own opinion on buying a suitable DSLR for u guys(this is just my own opinion,it can be true or maybe its just a crappy opinion):

1) Know what you want to do with the camera. Ex: hobby,photographer,photojurnalism.
2) Surf the net and find information about the camera you interested in. Include worldwide users comments.
3) At the shop,try several models and ask for the package include. Nowdays,common basic package are bag,SD card and tripod.
4) Make sure you comfortable with the camera.
5) Make sure you can hold the camera tightly as you dont want the camera slipped down.
6) Make sure you reach can all the buttons at the camera. Different brand has different button layout.
7) Try the menu whether it is easily reachable or not. For the WB,EXPOSURE,COMPOSITION and PLAYBACK.
8) If you ok with the camera,try to get for the best price...

Thats all...tq..sorry for wrong information..this is based on my opinion on what i have experienced dan read...

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